Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prometheus; "I Caused Mortals To Cease Foreseeing Their Doom."

I read the stories of Blago's lawyers recently visiting him in prison.  They reported that he's, "bonding," with his cell mate.  An unfortunate choice of words.  He's washing dishes in the kitchen.  I love washing dishes.  It's so peaceful.  He's bulking up by working out.  I wish I had more time to do that.  The only positive thing I could think of was that it's nice to know it only takes 5 weeks or so to bulk up.  In my mind it takes years, so I never start.  He's running around in circles, which keeps him fit and tan.  I run around in circles all day, but I'm not tan....or fit.   

It really does sound like a peaceful existence.  He's making friends.  I read that he's even offered to teach Greek Mythology classes.  Honestly, did anyone know you could sign up for Greek Mythology class in prison?  

If you're looking at spending 14 years in prison, away from your family and your life, the only thing that must hold you together is hope.  Hope that your appeal comes through.  Hope is a good thing.  I keep hoping the next lottery is mine to win.  Blago hopes this will be his first and only summer away from home.  His first class in Greek Mythology could center on Pandora's Box.  It's been way too long for me to get this right, but if I remember correctly, the story goes something like this.  Zeus trapped all the good spirits in a box and entrusted the box to Pandora. When Pandora opened it, the good spirits left, and abandoned mankind in their flight to heaven.  Elpis is the only good god remaining among mankind.  Elpis is Hope.  Prometheus was the god who molded mankind out of clay.  He said he allowed Elpis to remain on earth. "Yes, I caused mortals to cease foreseeing their doom.  I caused blind hope to dwell in their breasts.  As long as man lives and sees the light of the sun, let him count on hope."  

I was grocery shopping today.  I'm grateful to find so many great choices on the shelves.  The bread was warm, there were 4 different pies in the bakery, and I picked up fresh flowers. A plain can of tuna at the prison commissary would destroy any hope I could muster.   I even picked up a bottle of gin!  I'm trying out a gin & tonic at home.  Love my freedom.