Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Never Let The Dessert Cart Pass You By!

There was a story told by a very good friend of Jackie Kennedy.  They would always lunch together.  One afternoon, as the dessert cart was being wheeled past their table, Jackie asked the server to stop.  As she picked out a treat, her friend instantly knew something was wrong.  Never ever did they eat dessert. 

Jackie shared the fact that she had cancer and declared, "What was the point of all that exercise?"  

My very good friend, J., and I went out to lunch last week.  So grateful to sit with her and catch up on our lives.  As we were being seated, we passed the cooler that was filled with homemade pies. Not only did we order the pecan special, but we ordered it with ice cream.  Why not.  

Today, my daughter and I had lunch together.  Funny that she turned to me and said, "We really should order dessert."  My god, the cheesecake was the best.  Why not.

Remember, there are no dessert carts in prison for Blago to choose from.  Probably none in heaven, either. I'll be grateful each time I get a chance to stop one.  What's the point of letting it pass you by?