Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Showers Bring Gratitude For Work. If Patti Blagojevich Can Do It, So Can I.

April showers will hit the area this weekend.  Baseball games are going to be rained out.  Those May flowers will start doing their dance underground.  I'll be working.  I sell antique jewelry at local markets.  The best part is finding a perfect piece for a customer. The worst part is dragging boxes, glass cases, and complicated display stands from the truck to the space.  I'll be loading my truck in the garage.  I'll be unloading in thunderstorms.  It's cold.  Think of Goldie Hawn standing in the rain and the mud in "Private Benjamin" when she cries out, "I wanna have LUNCH!"

In my past life I worked in a field that called for a briefcase, a proper lunch, a crisp white blouse.  Today, I work in open fields filled with tents that hold antique treasures.  I love it.  There's a rush when an older gal calls me to visit her when she's ready to sell her jewelry.  There's a rush when I wrap a piece from that collection and hand it to a shopper.  I'm grateful that I've found a way to help financially support my family.  I did it on my own.  I taught myself certain skills that would be hard for most folks to appreciate, way before American Pickers, and Storage Wars came along. 

I've read the stories that Blago called around for job opportunities for his wife if someone special was elected to fill the vacated Senate seat.  He was asking in the neighborhood of $150,000.  There's the allegation that Patti B. received lots of cash for her brokerage services to one of Blago's friends.  What are friends for? 

So now, Patti's dad is most likely the one who pays the mortgage and the girls' private school tuition.  Patti is strong.  I like the way she fights for her kids, her husband, her house.  I'm sure she's secretly grateful every night before she sleeps that she's not in prison as well.  She should be. She was happy to eat the tarantula, because it was less painful than biting the bullet of going to jail.  But I love that she ate it in order to financially support the family.  She doesn't want her dad to help.  

I'll be grateful for every customer who comes out to the LaPorte Antique Show this weekend.  When I'm loading the truck, in the cold, I'll be grateful that I can do this on my own terms.  Hopefully, I'll be one step closer to paying the orthodonist.