Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Somebody's NOT Watching Me.

It's hard to appreciate having the house to yourself when you're a single person living on your own.  You watch whatever you want to watch on T.V.  You can choose to run around naked.  There's no one to tell you that you left the bathroom a mess.  It's different when you have a family or when you live with  your folks. My friend likes to say, "I can pee in the corners if I want to."  That's when all four of her kids and husband are out of the house for the entire day.  

It was a rainy day yesterday.  Another friend took a rare morning off work.  She caught up on this season of, "Mad Men."  Loved it.  I could hear how much fun she was having just by the way she said, "Oh, I'm curled up watching T.V.  I'll talk to you later."  I smiled at the phone after hanging up with her.  Now THAT'S fun.

My son's high school baseball game was called off due to the rain.  All of a sudden I found extra time for myself.  No one was expecting me anywhere. My son came home, looked at my sad jeans, and begged me to, "Please get new jeans.  You embarrass me when you wear those."  Buying new jeans is just as bad as shopping for a bathing suit.  I think I spent over an hour trying on different pairs.  I did that on purpose, because I was having fun this time, and I realized that there was no one to tell me that I couldn't spend an hour if I wanted to.

I was grateful to take an extra long shower this morning.  I'll have a late breakfast, because I can.  I'm grateful that there's no one watching me and telling me how long I can shower, when to eat, how long I can eat.  There's no one to take a head count this afternoon to make sure I'm where I should be.  O.K., so my husband calls, but he's just trying to coordinate school and baseball schedules.  

Blago is never free to do what he wants, when he wants. I'm grateful for the time I had to shop yesterday.  My guess is that my son asked me to go shopping so HE could have some time alone as well.  He kicked me out of the house.  That's fine. The mom jeans I picked up will still embarrass him.