Sunday, April 10, 2016

Catching Up On The Phone

My daughter just returned from an adventure.  She spent a week in Columbia, South America.  When they were young, I always told my kids that I wanted postcards sent from their travels all over the world.  That was before Facebook, emails, etc.  I couldn't understand why of all the countries in the world, she would visit a place that I felt was too dangerous.  I sent her off with a new backpack and prayers for her safe return.

Yesterday we were on the phone for the longest time.  She described her trip into the rain forest.  Her climb into a volcano ended with a mud bath.  She ate the, "most amazing seafood."  She spent evenings in the piazza and met warm, generous people. She bought an oil painting from a local artist and was on her way to have it framed. 

I smiled as she giggled.  Her spirit is so kind and bright.  It's nice to sit back and talk on the phone, while catching up on good news.  The phone won't click off if I go over my time limit.  Grateful that I'm free to speak.  Free to laugh out loud.