Friday, October 26, 2012

Count Your Blessings.....

"Count your blessings so you'll notice when God rips them away from you one by one."

Isn't that a great thought?  I read that recently and realized why keeping up with this journal is so important.  Keep counting.  Enjoy Life!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood."

One thing I've been meaning to do is visit an old friend, but she lives almost an hour away and there's always something else I need to do.  We finally settled on a day, and  as I drove, I kept a mental list of everything that wasn't getting done.  So many things I could have, should have been doing instead of this. I pulled off the expressway and started down a stretch of road in the middle of what I call, country.  Large estates, farmhouses, lonely road.

In the middle of that road, I saw a crazy image driving in the opposite direction.  A Sheriff's prison bus.  I looked over and it passed with prisoners on board.  Here it is, a gorgeous autumn morning, and these guys are off to court, while I'm off to visit a friend for lunch.  Robert Frost could not have dreamt up this, "Road Not Taken." 

It was only as I watched that bus disappear in my rearview mirror that I noticed the beauty around me.  Trees were golden, the sun was beaming through the clouds.  I was free to drive in any direction I wanted to. 

I didn't rush my visit.  It's a good time any time you don't have to rush a visit because you're not allowed to speak to a friend for more than 3 minutes.  Best part of the day was the second cup of coffee.