Friday, April 6, 2012

Will I Be Around When Blagojevich Is Freed From Prison?

There's a Blago Countdown Clock out there.  It's a countdown generator you can find at Punch in the date of release, and you are staring at the years, months, days, seconds as they tick away towards freedom for the former governor.  Eric Zorn, from the Chicago Tribune, published this on-line.  I took a look at it, and had the same reaction as someone who wrote, "It's like a countdown for your life.  Put in some future date that you reasonably expect to live, and then watch the seconds count down.  It puts things in perspective."  Yikes.   That's why I started this gratitude blog with Blago in mind.  Keeping things in perspective.  On the day before he was heading to prison, he declared his gratitude for everything good he had accomplished, and for those who had been there for his family.  I declared my gratitude that I'm not Blago. 

My friend told me that she actually wondered if she would live long enough to see Blago walk out of jail.  She's in her late '50s.  "Anything can happen."  I told her Blago won't be in that long.  She'll be here.  Those seconds are still ticking away in the back of my mind.  Yikes. Wasn't I supposed to be making plans to see the Iguazu Falls in South America?  Maybe after I pay the orthodontist.  Really.

Huge decision ahead of me.  Work in the garden tomorrow or go to my son's baseball game?  I guess the weeds will be around for the rest of the year.  Let's play ball!  Just keeping things in perspective.