Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Would Being In Prison With Blagojevich Really Be So Bad?

My daughter mentioned this blog to her friend, D.  D has a great memory. Funny response. "This doesn't make sense.  I remember your mother would say how prison might not be so bad.  She'd have peace.  She could read in solitude."  Thanks, D. 

There's something to that.  The Colorado setting where Blago now lives seems idyllic.  I can imagine having nothing to do but read and getting lost in great stories.  No one there to ask if dinner's ready.  I've read that guys get so used to the solitude, that they can't stand it when they come out.  All of a sudden, the bills are due, the tires need to be replaced, the house needs to be cleaned.  Who wouldn't think about solitude?

I'm going to make the time to read this summer.  I haven't used that hammock in a long time.  I can read as long as I want, at any time of day.  I won't have to report to the warden...well....sort of.  

Last night my son came home from baseball and asked if dinner was ready.  I realized that he's leaving for college in a few short years.  No one will ask me if dinner is ready again.  I gave him a huge grateful hug.