Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Choice To Choose

Hmmmmm.......Should I wear a green necklace to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, or the green earrings?  I'm so grateful that I have the choice to choose one or the other.  Blago is only allowed to wear a single wedding band.  

It was an exceptionally warm day, and I really wished I had a new spring skirt to wear,  but I was grateful that I was able to choose something other than the same old plain khaki pants and an orange prison shirt.  

My son and I had a heart to heart talk this morning over breakfast.  That rarely happens.  So grateful that I could touch him.

My mother, daughter, son, and I drove around for over an hour trying to choose a place to have lunch.  We wanted to sit outside near a lake.  We ended up finding a terrific spot.  I'm so grateful that we had the choice to choose.