Friday, January 4, 2013

Give Grandparents A Break. Let Them Retire.

It looks like one of my favorite Chicago reporters got it wrong, or at least her source got it wrong.  I listened to Fran Spielman on the radio when she was a student at Northwestern.  She talked sports with the late Ed Schwartz. We're going back more years than I want to count.  She's now Chicago's top City Hall reporter. Today she reported that Alderman Richard Mell is retiring.  He's the father-in-law of the former Gov. Blagojevich.  It turns out that she's wrong.  He's been announcing his retirement for the past five years, but he's not stepping down any time soon.

Chicago's media has been all over the story because Fran's source gave her information that wasn't factual.  How Fran will recover from this is the story on the news.

I think everyone has overlooked the obvious.  In response to the story Mell said, "I'd like to retire and move to Florida when it's cold.  But, the winters have been beautiful here.  I'll keep on making sure your snow gets shoveled."

What he's REALLY saying is, "I CAN'T retire.  I'd like to retire and move to Florida where I can golf, play poker with the guys at the pool, have early dinners by the beach.  But I can't.  I have to take care of my granddaughters.  Who is going to pay for their private school education?  Who is going to pay for college?  Their father is in prison. No one will hire their mother.  They're living in the same house that I have to pay the mortgage on."  That's what he's REALLY saying.  "The winters have been beautiful here?????"

My mom wants to leave for Florida and stay a few weeks.  I've been encouraging her to go.  "Pretend you're Estelle at the pool!  Wear a bathing cap with flowers on it."  I'm grateful that my husband and I can take care of our children without my mother struggling to help us out.