Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chicago's Great Escape Failed Because There Was No Plan

The other night I was feeling guilty because there I sat, in the middle of a million things to do during the holidays, watching television in my jammies.  Just as I started to stir, I thought about the 2 bank robbers who escaped from Chicago's jail.  A mind-blowing escape through a chiseled cinderblock, down ropes of bedsheets, through Chicago's streets in a taxi, stopping home for a quick bite, and off to freedom before anyone even noticed.  We all secretly cheered.  What a plan.  But then, the next day, one of the guys is found at his friend's house, watching television in his shorts.  He gave up without a fight. 

I thought about this as I was in the middle of my guilt trip.  For god's sake.  All this man wanted to do was sit in his shorts and watch television.  This was the good life.  Freedom.  A trip to the fridge for a snack.  A simple joy that I wasn't appreciating.  I stayed up to watch all the, "Hardcore Pawn," segments I've missed without the guilt.  Too many trips to the fridge, though.

The second guy is still on the loose.  He had a plan.  That's what separates us.  Those who plan and those who let the wind take us wherever it wants to blow. In preparing for battle, Eisenhower said, "I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensible."  I know this quote.  I think about this quote whenever I see Bill Rancic, and his wife Juliana.  He's the Chicagoan who won the first Celebrity Apprentice.  I can't stand this couple.  Every time I read about them they've achieved yet another goal.  In the few short years that they've been wed, they've started a reality television series, written books, made a slew of money in one venture after the other.  But in reality, I envy them.  The wind just didn't blow them along.  They're successful because they made plans.  Even when life threw them extraordinary wallops, they kept moving forward.  They planned. 

My friend sent me a text this morning.  The man she adores gave her a diamond engagement ring.  Not bad for a 56 year old broad.  She's planning her honeymoon.  My son wrote out his baseball tournament schedule for the year.  He's planning on how to improve his stats.  I love him so much.  I received a call last night from a jeweler I work with inviting me to attend a convention in Vegas at the beginning of this summer! 

I have a calendar in front of me.  I'm grateful that I'm going to fill it with work plans, baseball games, a wedding.  I'm going to work on my plan for the year.  Goals.  Grateful that every day won't look like the next day with no plans in my future.  What do you say when you're looking at 14 years in prison?  Happy New Year?  I can't keep up with the Rancics, but I'll do what's important to me. 

I wonder what the second escapee is up to? 

-------(1/4) Well, so much for a well thought out plan.  Looks like the second escapee has been captured in a suburb not too far from his home!