Friday, January 18, 2013

Blasting Stevie Ray Vaughan's CROSSFIRE

Each one of us has a song that lights up our mood.  My father-in-law jumps when he hears Frank Sinatra sing anything, but his favorite is, "You Make Me Feel So Young." My son loves hip-hop.  My mom smiles when she hears Dean Martin sing, "Return To Me." 

I'm listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan's, "Crossfire."  What an amazing guitar.  Such a tragedy to have lost this talent over 20 years ago.  First thing I did was blast the radio.  I'm ready to take on a dreaded project.  Wouldn't you be sad if you loved Elvis and couldn't blast the radio when he came on?

Love your music, especially if your favorites are on albums along a shelf.  Play it loud..because you can.  Dance, even if it's while you're cleaning the house. Look forward to the weekend...because you're free to do whatever you want to do.