Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowed In

My brother lives in California.  He was thrilled one day when it started to rain.  "I can't tell you how depressing it gets around here.  Sunshine, day after day." 

I'm really sad for him.  I've been living in an igloo yesterday, today, and probably for the next few days.  -14 is the projected temperature.  We're being warned that if we don't finish shoveling, we'll be facing sheets of ice on the driveway.  Chicago never fails to impress.

It's beautiful here.  The trees are covered with snow.  But, "the weather outside is frightful..inside it's delightful."  I stayed in my jammies all New Year's Day.  No one to tell me that I need to put on my orange jumpsuit and go to the bathroom.  No excuse.  No guilt.  A son to shovel the driveway. Enjoying my freedom.