Friday, January 3, 2014

Patti, We ALL Miss Blagojevich.

A few weeks ago, after attending a court hearing on whether or not Blago's case can be appealed, his wife, Patti, lamented his absence during the upcoming holidays.  "He will be missed. We're going into our second Christmas without him."

I get it.  My father-in-law was missed during our Christmas dinner.  It will never be the same again.  My brother didn't come in for Christmas.  He decided to stay in California.  I missed him very much.  We always made time for a movie marathon.  Just not the same. 

When I heard Patti's comment, I laughed.  My dear, we ALL miss Blago.  No laughable quotes.  No vision of him jogging along.  Nothing.  Governor Quinn is a bore.  Sort of like Queen Elizabeth.  He shows up at every opening where a camera is present and he waves.  Oh, Patti.  It's just not the same.