Thursday, August 22, 2013

Color My World

It's been a busy summer for me.  I've been taking care of mom since her heart surgery.  Rough road, but it's getting easier.  Grateful to be there for her.  I found that my yard had a calming effect.  Pulling weeds and clearing dead wood was soothing. 

I recently read the story of a man who was released from years spent in prison on a wrongful conviction.  When asked what he missed the most while he was behind bars, he said, "Colors."  His room was tan and everything around him was white and tan.  I had to laugh.  I had just painted the bedrooms white.  The color was peaceful to me, but I understood what he missed. 

My own closet has a standard black and white wardrobe.  Suddenly, I missed colors.

Last week, I entered a local nursery.  At that moment I took great joy in appreciating what this man had missed.  I filled the car with pinks, blues, orange.  Every day I take time to water the colorful additions to my garden and I think of what this man missed.  My good friend told me to buy flowering shrubs.  "You'll love the colors and you'll appreciate summer even more."  She's right.

I'm wearing hot pink shoes.  Beige flats?  No. Pink makes me happy. I brought out my collection of jade dishes.  LOVE that color.  I've always loved that color.    Color my world with gratitude.