Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keeping Mom Company After Heart Surgery

One minute I'm pulling weeds in the yard.  Next minute I'm on my way to help mom decide on angioplasty or heart by-pass surgery.  A conversation that sounds like, "Shall I have a salad or sandwich for lunch?"  Everyone was calm.

Mom was complaining of shortness of breath last week.  Her stress test wasn't good.  The angiogram showed two blockages.  One blockage would be easy to stent.  The other blockage was difficult.  The doctors stopped the angiogram and gave us the options.  With surgery, mom would be on a long road to recovery.  With angioplasty/stents, her road to recovery would be easier, but she'd always be looking over her shoulder, wondering if the stents are causing a recurrence in the blockage.  

The decision to do the by-pass wasn't easy.  She said, "I'd like to see my grandchildren get married."

I'm watching her as she rests in the hospital.  Her surgery was a success.  Her strength comes back each day.  I'll be with her on this road and for that I'm grateful.