Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When Will The Apple I PHONE 19 Be Availabe?

My son's phone conveniently stopped working the other day.  Ironically, the I Phone 5 was introduced just about the same time.  Coincidence?  He did have to upgrade to the I Phone 4 since it was being offered free of charge.  My phone still flips open.  I'm OK with that.

When my oldest daughter started grade school, there was a school open house we attended.  The teacher said, "We just can't imagine how these children will be learning in the future.  What tools will they have?"  This was just about 20 years ago.  Can that teacher even fathom what technology had in store for those kids?  This was before the internet was introduced. My daughter was the first class of students who would eventually learn to fast forward and rewind their videos. 

While I was updating my son's phone, I remembered that day in either late '79 or early 1980.  Dick Cavett was on the car radio.  I was sitting in my yellow Cutlass Supreme in my parent's driveway.  Cavett was a spokesperson for a company called, "Apple."  "Someday everyone will have a computer at their desk," said Cavett during the commercial.   At dinner later that night, I asked my dad if he would chip in with me to buy shares of Apple.  He said, "No. Never give your money to a stranger."  You know the rest.  That conversation still haunts me in the night.

As I signed off on my son's new phone, I thought how lucky he was to keep up with the latest technology.  I was grateful that I could afford to help him stay current.  I've been acting as though I'm too old to learn.  I don't want to learn about apps.  I was the one who went kicking and screaming into the world of the word processor.  Damn.  I had just gotten new ink for my IBM Selectric Typewriter.  The soft blue one.  

The salesman suggested I look into a new phone at the end of this year.  It's a cross between a tablet and large screen phone.  They call it a, "Fablet."  I wonder what the world of technology will be like 14 years from now when Blago leaves prison.  Will there be an I Phone 19?  Will he be too old to learn the new tricks?  I'll be the same age as he will be.  I don't want to be that old and not care.

I'm grateful that I'm due for an upgrade.