Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm Up At 3am. Must Be Flea Market Day.

I love a good nap on a Sunday.  One of those full-on 2 hour naps. No one to tell me that I can't nap.  Today marks the return of Wolff's Flea Market.  I was there at 3:30 in the morning so I could watch the dealers unload their goods.  It was freezing out and the wind was crazy. 

The fella with the baked goods was there with the best almond crescent rolls.  Best.  I don't feel too guilty, because I walk the entire lot at the market for 4 straight hours.  Didn't find anything great this time.  Chicago is the hardest market in the world when it comes to competition from "pickers" and antique dealers.  The guys out there are fierce.  One vendor pointed to a small wooden box and told me to look inside where I'd find sterling jewelry.  The fella next to me grabbed the box and literally shoved his fist on my knuckles so I'd let go of the box.   I didn't let go.  I regret not shoving my knuckles down his throat. 

I was back before everyone woke up and took that nap.  Grateful that I am free to spend my Sunday any way I wish.