Saturday, March 30, 2013

College Campus Visits & Looking Towards the Future

My son and I traveled to a few different colleges this past week.  I don't know what it is about this that makes it more fun than sitting on a beach in Florida over spring break.  I really love it.  I traveled with my daughters to various schools and the same feeling was there.  It's all about looking towards the future. 

My son's a sophomore, and he'd love to play baseball in school.  Most folks look for the science building, or campus cafeteria first.  I head out to the baseball field before checking in on the campus.  It turns out he actually did visit Florida Gulf Coast last year while playing in a Florida tournament. "There were palm trees behind the baseball field, mom."  That's nice.

The students on campus are wonderful.  I love being around them.  They're always looking forward to the future and they don't have to be in the, "real world," for a while.  Maybe that's why they're always smiling and looking pretty happy.  You see that same look on the prospective students.  Optimism.  Sad to know that rejection letters wait in the background.  Enjoy it while I can.

I can't put any value on sharing this time of optimism with my son.  I don't care how many schools and baseball fields I visit.  I'm just grateful that I can be there with him on this journey.