Saturday, January 3, 2015

Grateful Not To Be Teresa Giudice ...New Jersey Housewife.

I love a good drama and nothing makes for better drama than The Housewives of New Jersey.  It's what junk television looks like.  My husband walked through the room once while I was watching.  An hour later he walked through and I was still watching.  "Are you still watching that crap?"  Yes.  I. Am.

The housewife that I love to hate is leaving the show to go to prison on Monday.  Teresa Giudice will spend a year without her extensions or a decent manicure.  All because she and her husband came up with an almost brilliant plot.  They faked their income and income sources so that the banks lent them millions of dollars.  They built a mansion in Jersey.  They threw lavish parties.  She was always at the spa.  She was filmed paying over $100,000 for furniture.  In cash. 

At the end of that first season on television, Teresa declared bankruptcy, claiming that the income dried up.  Jobs lost.  (There were NO jobs.) 

It turns out that the I.R.S. was watching the show and wondered how this Jersey housewife paid so much cash for furniture.  Caught. 

On Monday, January 5, she will kiss her 4 young daughters bye bye and will spend 2015 in prison with women who either love her or hate her. 

I always resented Teresa for handing over $100,000 for new furniture.  But on Monday, after I watch her step into prison, I'm going to head out and buy a new sofa. I've needed one forever. Sure.  I might pay cash just for the heck of it.  Then on the way home, I'll be grateful that I'm on the way home.