Thursday, February 7, 2013

Returning Home After Guilt Trip Is Sweet

I've been working away from home for the past two weeks.  In a way it's like prison.  You're free, of course, but you leave everything behind. I felt guilty since my husband had all the responsibilities of taking care of things here.  I was incredibly sad to have missed my son's basketball games.  So many little things come up that you can't attend to, because you're just not there.  I couldn't help my son look for his lost gift card.  My daughter needed help with her car. My mom didn't have someone to take her to the doctor's office.  It's not vacation.  It's literally a guilt trip.

Getting back the other day was sweet for me.  So nice to hug my son who was sleeping.  Grateful to help my mom with simple errands for an entire afternoon.  A visit with my father-in-law who has moved to an assisted living center was comforting for both of us.   There was a last minute change in my son's basketball practice schedule.  No problem.  Happy to pick him up early.  Grateful that my husband didn't need to leave his office to do this.  I took my son to the grocery store with me last night.  We were just happy to be together. My husband and I caught up on our favorite t.v. show.  Simple things, they say, are the nicest.  They're right.