Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grateful That I'm Not Bored This Summer

Word has it that Blagojevich is bored with prison life.  Enough already.  I get it.  I'd turn to pulling out my eyebrows if I was there this long.  Only 13 3/4 years left to go. 

I'm grateful that I've been too busy to blog about why I'm grateful I'm not Blago.  Summer heat has me locked up...sort of.   I love time in my house.  It's my STP summer.  "Summer To Purge."  Cleaning out the basement.  When your son is on a travel baseball team, any time you have to yourself is spent cleaning the house, running errands, etc. 

August is around the corner.  I'm going to pretend that I'm in Europe.  Even though I'm working, I'll make sure I visit a bistro for lunch or dinner.  I'll pretend I'm a tourist in Chicago.  I love Buckingham Fountain.  The best view in the world is along the Terrace at the Trump Tower.  It overlooks Lake Michigan. Not so sure what the view is like from Blago's cell in prison.  He runs around the track every day.  Same view.  Day after day. 

I'm working in Columbus, Ohio this week.  The Ohio State Fair is just down the road.  Dinner on a stick sounds divine.  I would never have even considered standing in this heat, surrounded by hundreds of people as an option for fun.  But I'm grateful for a change in scenery.